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Module One - Getting Started

Create Your Own Bots

Support All Content Types

Send fully customizable messages with emoji’s, clickable website links, call-to-actions, buttons, images, lists, carousels and so much more to give your messages that extra touch.

Intuitive Builder

Intuitive message builder to set up a full messaging follow up series with special delays and triggers (yes, just like an email auto-responder but for Facebook).

Build a Messenger List

Build a messenger list (just like an email list) that you can contact at any time in the future, right inside their Facebook inboxes with an average 80-90% open rate (compared to a 22% average email open rate).

Custom Triggers and Delay

Set an unlimited number of triggers and time delays for your messages to be sent. If your trigger is detected, for example, if someone mentions a certain keyword in their response to you, a custom personal message of your choice will be sent to their Facebook inbox automatically.

Unlimited Facebook Pages

Create comment-response campaigns, send broadcasts, create entire messaging funnels, drip-delay sequences, button campaigns and so much more for ALL of your Facebook pages.

Powerful Analytics

Powerful analytics on all of your campaigns, messenger subscribers, broadcasts and more to help you know where and how to make your next move.

Let's See What Other Businesses Says About Us

“This is awesome software that my team & I have been using for some time. Really, it’s mind-blowing some of the things this software can do. We’ve seen increased productivity, increased sales, really an ease of use and not only that, the team of MSGHero have been awesome to work with. MSGHero is just really leading the front with this type of software.

Paul Getter Social Media Specialist Who Represents Tai Lopez, Les Brown, Akon & More

“I’ve used MSGHero within the space of eCommerce and it’s helped me increase my sales by 20% through simply giving away a discount code, asking customers to quote a certain phrase below my posts and MSGHero would then send them the code directly into their FB inboxes. So I do really really recommend MSGHero it is a very handy tool to have.”

Sabine Matharu Sabine Matharu increased her eCom store sales by 20% using MSGHero

“So tried it out with a restaurant and did a free appetizer campaign…it’s been a little over a day and the restaurant has gotten over 200 people to get a free appetizer code… MSGHero if you’re interested in trying it out, is definitely worth it.

Lee Bradshaw Owner at One27Media